“Smith's is our shining example of what team play is all about. It's helping the entire project run smoothly through good planning, executing and leadership.”
Jeff Pugh, PE Fleis & Vandenbrink Engineering, Inc.

Michigan Commercial Waterproofing and Construction Company Specializing in Concrete Repair and Restoration

Michigan DOT Industrial & Commercial Contracting - Smith's Waterproofing - workingEstablished Experts in Commercial Waterproofing and Construction

Founded in 1970, Smith's Waterproofing's Commercial Division is dedicated to serving heavy civil, municipal, DOT, and commercial/industrial customers.

We have worked on over 1,000 bridges in Michigan and the surrounding states for MDOT, counties and municipalities. We deploy our fleet of vehicles and equipment to jobs across the US, every day of the week.

Our workforce is scalable to handle any size job, from installing healer sealer on the Zilwaukee bridge (1,170,000 square feet) to performing structural concrete repairs on water treatment plants, bridges and food manufacturing plants. We work on large and small jobs alike. 

We Specialize in These Services for DOT, Industrial & Commercial Projects:

play_arrowSurface Preparation

We have the ability to provide any concrete surface profile utilizing our coldmill, shotblasting machines, scarifiers, chipping hammers, sand blasters, and power washers. Dust and noise contamination is easily managed using our various containment methods depending on specific job requirements. We have the capabilities to perform surface preparation on massive square footages, small detail oriented intricate jobs and everything in between.

play_arrowEpoxy Overlay/ HFST

Epoxy overlay, high-friction surface treatment (HSFT), healer sealer, and epoxy flood coatings all offer protection to the substrate on bridges, roads, sidewalks, and tunnels.

All of these coating systems offer protection and an increased high-friction/non-slip surface as well as adding to the lifetime of the structure. A coated surface has been proven to decrease stopping times on roads and reduce lane departure accidents.

Deterioration of pavement surface friction is one of the largest factors of highway fatalities in the US.

HSFT is one of the best ways to restore and maintain the skid resistance of a road or surface.

play_arrowCarbon Fiber Reinforcement/FRP Wrap

Carbon Fiber and FRP Wrap systems quickly restore or upgrade load-bearing capacities of concrete steel, wood and masonry. Carbon Fiber & FRP Wraps are generally more cost-effective and less invasive than removing and replacing damaged or deficient structural components such as I-beams, concrete beams, walls, floors, columns, etc. They are lightweight, corrosion-resistant and have a low physical profile. Upon completion, they can be painted any color. This work can be performed in as little as a few hours, and restore strength in as little as one day.

play_arrowCrack Injection

We offer numerous different types of crack injection repair including, but not limited to, epoxy structural crack injection and polyurethane crack injection for waterproofing purposes. Crack injection can be utilized for purely aesthetic purposes as well.