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We have worked on over 1,000 bridges in Michigan and the surrounding states for MDOT, counties, and municipalities. We deploy our fleet of vehicles and equipment to jobs across the US, every day of the week.

A wide variety of solutions exist to repair cracked concrete, but understanding the proper solution to every unique problem is a skill that not many concrete repair technicians have. At Smith's Waterproofing, our decades of experience have provided us with deep knowledge of a variety of techniques for repairing cracked concrete, from fibre-reinforced plastic wrap systems for issues that impact structural integrity to crack and joint sealing for many surface issues.

Epoxy Overlay Services

A fast and cost effective method of preventative maintenance that includes removing the top layer of concrete from a bridge or road surface, then applying a polyurethane based epoxy and then aggregate. The epoxy enters and seals cracks in the bridge deck and bonds aggregate in place. The aggregate increases vehicle traction and reduces stopping time. Epoxy overlays have been proven to extend the service life of infrastructure and protect investment.

Using Epoxy Overlay for Clarkston Road High Friction Surface Treatment

Oakland County Road Commission chose Smith's Waterproofing to install a high friction surface treatment on Clarkston Road. Work was performed on three specific corners, where multiple vehicular fatalities have occurred. Smith's Waterproofing was the prime contractor for the job and was allowed three weekends to complete the project. The project was completed in just one weekend through great planning and execution by the foremen and crews.

Over 53,150 square feet of high friction surface treatment was installed on Clarkston Road by Smith's Waterproofing. Five shotblast machines were utilized for the surface prep to create a Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) 3 on the road surface, while two crews installed the high friction surface treatment. Smith's also provided traffic control and cleanup services for the project.

This project was completed two weekends ahead of schedule and under budget. This was another safe project completed with no near misses, accidents or injuries.

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High Friction Surface Treatment For Michigan

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High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) consists of a thin layer of durable, high friction aggregate (bauxite) which is held in place with epoxy. This system has a long-lasting skid resistance, that is extremely rough, hard, durable, and capable of withstanding everyday roadway demands, such as heavy braking and even snowplowing.

  • High friction surface treatments dramatically and immediately reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities. The National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Report 617 indicates a reduction of 20 percent for all intersection crashes.
  • Reduce hydroplaning on wet surfaces
  • Reduce black ice

Kalamazoo High Friction Surface Treatment:

The State of Michigan and MDOT awarded Smith's Waterproofing the project to install high friction surface treatment on multiple accident-prone locations on the I-94/US-131 interchange, as well as, Gun Lake Casino ramp, Business Loop 94 or US-131, and main line I-94 (near Battle Creek, MI). Each location was chosen due to a fatality, which may have been prevented with a high friction surface treatment.

This project included use of Smith's shotblasting crews to surface prep the areas to a CSP 3 before crews applied the high friction surface treatment. Crews worked around the clock to complete the project, which was in high traffic areas. Night work was required to reduce the impact on traffic and meet the completion deadline.

US-131 and I-94 were partially shut down during peak travel season as a result of the project. To minimize the effects of construction and expedite the completion, Smith's crews worked around the clock to complete the installation of 72,000 square feet of high friction surface treatment. Twenty-four men were assigned to the day crew on the US-131 interchange project. This project was completed with a partial shutdown of the ramps and included shifting the lane closure. The US-131/I-94 portion of the project was completed 12 hours ahead of schedule.


  • 218,040 square feet of high friction surface treatment
  • Completed 28% under the engineer estimate
  • No accidents or injuries
  • Completed ahead of schedule

Surface Preparation For Michigan Projects

Combination of methods used to remove deteriorated or contaminated concrete and roughen and clean a substrate to enhance bond of a repair material or protective coating.

Surface Preparation On 1-75:

Through the Michigan Department of Transportation, Smith's Waterproofing acted as the prime contractor on the I-75 High Friction Surface Treatment (HSFT) on I-75 north bound between 11 Mile Road & 12 Mile Road. The project included surface prep of the highway with 5 shotblasters, cleaning the dirt, dust, and contaminants, and then applying the HFST.

The MDOT schedule gave two weekends to complete the project, from Friday at 10:00 PM to Monday at 5:00 PM. Smith's utilized four crews to complete the project in one weekend. The four crews worked 24 hours a day from Friday at 10:00 PM until Sunday at 6:00 PM. This project was completed with zero accidents or injuries.

Healer Sealer and Sealer Overlay Services

See our healer sealer and sealer overlay work in action!

Zilwaukee Bridge -- I-75/ US-23 over the Zilwaukee River

In 2013, the mile and a half long Zilwaukee Bridge was shut down for sealer overlay (healer sealer), structural crack repair to bearing pads, and bearing pad replacement.

Smith's Waterproofing installed sealer overlay (healer sealer) over the entire North and South Bound decks, totaling 1,170,000 square feet. Smith's also performed epoxy crack injection on the bearing pads, which are designed to support up to 8 million pounds each.

Due to the height of the bridge, which reaches 120' at its highest point, boom trucks and snooper trucks were utilized to reach many of the bearing points to perform crack injection. Smith's performed epoxy crack injection on a total of 32 bearing points.

Smith's Waterproofing had limited time frame to complete this project, and performed work in just 15 days during September and October in 2013, and another 15 days in September and October of 2014. This project was completed with no reportable injuries, finished on time, and under budget.

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