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Berlin Township WWTP

Berlin Township Waste Water Treatment Plant

Berlin Township, MI

Smith’s Waterproofing was chosen for extensive concrete repair at the Berlin Township Waste Water Treatment plant. The project included concrete structure repair and structural upgrades to the four aeration tanks, aerobic digester tank, distribution tank, and the three clarifier tanks.

The plant remained in operation while work was performed by Smith’s, which required continual monitor and waste water diversion from each aeration tanks and aerobic digester, to prevent the waste water from overflowing.

Engineers had designed and upgraded the wall design to prevent waste water spills from occurring in emergency flood scenarios. This new design also changed the input of the influent pipe. All four aeration tanks had significant damage from the acidic and harsh nature of waste water. Each aeration tank was drained, and the failing concrete was saw cut and removed around the perimeter. New rebar was installed, forms were built, and the new concrete walls were poured and finished by Smith’s crews. The aerobic digesters received similar repairs around the perimeter of each tank. Each tank also received structural epoxy injection to repair all structural cracks. Over 1,000 lineal feet of crack injection was performed.

Each aeration tank, aerobic digester, and distribution chamber had walls with weir plates that were removed and reinstalled with the repairs. This design required Smith’s to be within 1/100th of an inch accuracy for the system to operate.

New FRP grating was also installed to safeguard the area. The original catwalks were modified and reinstalled around the aeration tanks and aerobic digester tanks. Modifying and reinstalling the cat walks was done to reduce the overall cost of the project.

The clarifying tanks at the plant had similar damage to their concrete walls, however part of the tank was able to be saved. Smith’s crews carefully saw cut and removed the damaged areas in the tank. New re-bar was installed and secured in the remaining walls of the tank, with high strength epoxy. Forms were set in place by Smith’s crews and concrete was poured & finished.


  • Tank wall replacement on aeration tanks, aerobic digesters, and clarifier tanks
  • Complete demo and rebuild of the distribution box
  • Completed job 4 months ahead of schedule and on budget
  • All work was performed while plant was in operation

Smith’s received excellent reviews from the inspector on this job.

“Smith’s is our shining example of what team play is all about and is helping the entire project run smoothly through good planning, execution and leadership.”

“Smith’s is the most outstanding company that I have ever worked with. Their performance is well above average but their attitude and the example they set for the rest of my team is beyond any of my expectations."

“I cannot say enough good words about this contractor. I have been in the Civil/Construction industry for 30 years and have seen the industry transition to a low-bid mentality and approach. Smith’s is the kind of company that was doing business 30 years ago, when pride of workmanship and customer satisfaction were more important that making more profit on individual projects. Even though I ask a lot of him, Brandon delivers and says he would be happy to work with me again. I recommend Brandon frequently to other customers and look forward to continuing our relationship. This is the second project I personally worked with Smith’s on. The first project involved sealing cracks in a potable water tanks with NSF approved sealants. Smith’s was the low bidder on that job as well and performed beyond all expectations."

Jeff Pugh, PE

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